Month: March 2018

Types of Bracing For Metal Buildings (Part 2): Temporary, Flange and Knock-in Bracing

In our previous blog posting, we defined what bracing is and discussed the differences of portal bracing, cable bracing and rods. As a refresher, bracing is used between structural members and there are several different types of bracing in metal buildings. Let’s finish explaining the other types of bracing. Temporary Bracing Used at the discretion […]


Types of Bracing For Metal Buildings (Part 1)

We’ve discussed several key pieces of a metal building: basic components, features and accessories. In keeping with the structure of defining what makes up a metal building, let’s discuss the glue that holds the building together, bracing. There are many different types of bracing, so let’s define what bracing is and explore the different types. […]

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